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the Midtown Essential memory foam mattress is available in several different depths.

The more Memory Foam on the unit, the more plush feel.

6" mattress is best used as a top bunk bed mattress, a lower trundle bed  mattress or an RV mattress.  Call for special sizes.      Comfort: Firm             2" Gel Swirl memory Foam / 4" of High-density foundation foam.

8" mattress is a basic best used in a guest room or RV    comfort : Firmish   2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam / 6" of High-density foundation foam

10" design is a great basic.  Perfect for entry level purchase of guest rooms. 2.5" Gel Swirl Memory Foam / 7.5" of High-density foundation foam     Comfort level:   Firmish    

12" unit is designed as a Medium Firm sleep surface.   2.5" Gel Swirl Foam / 2" VariFlex Transition Foam

      7.5 High-density Foundation Foam for longevity.  Medium Firm

14" Designed with comfort in mind, the Midtown Essential 14" Gel Memory Foam Mattress  offers an elevated sleep experience at an everyday price. A high quality top layer of memory foam gently contours to your body's curves for pressure point relief.     Medium

       3" Gel Swirl memory Foam /  3" VariFlex Transition Foam

       8" High-density Foundation foam

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