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Plain Speak

*talking in a frank, outspoken, or blunt manner

There are dozens of synthetic memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses.  There is so much information, so much paid advertising and so many paid testimonials online, that researching these products can drive you nuts!   I've chosen some modestly priced synthetic mattresses that won't break the bank.  It doesn't make sense to me for consumers to pay thousands of dollars for synthetic, petrochemically-based foam in any form. 

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Basic, Cheap, Affordable


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Clean and More Green Can't Hurt!

Mattresses, pillows and bedding made with components (ie. organic cotton, natural rubber latex, wool and kapok are known to enhance natural sleep cycles.   You can choose from more affordable choices to certified selections.

Certified components cost more... manufacturers pay for said certifications.  When  these products are shipped or delivered,

we have so much confidence that there is no unpleasant, long-term VOC offgas.  Breathe easily

Our favorite alternatives!

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